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Finally comes the ski tour.

Conclusion: Since the election on September 21, 2018 with the clear no of the Liechtenstein population, the topic “Tour de Ski in Liechtenstein” has finally appeared on the market. Apparently, the municipality of Vaduz, together with an unknown donor, helped the Liechtenstein Ski Association (LSV) plan a turnaround with surprising…

Therefore, at the end of the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein at the end of 2019, a tour de ski stage will take place in the Warsaw region. Because the loan from the municipality of Weduz is “only” 100,000 USD and the remaining 300,000 USD will be taken over by the anonymous donor, no referendum can be carried out against this decision.

Although the LSV had rejected the International Ski Federation (FIS) after the failed election in October and since then the FIS has been looking for an alternative location, the FIS authorities are hardly going to avoid the decision. “So far, the FIS has not given any free space for Waduz, as the next meeting will only take place in early April.

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